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Store Hours

Sunday - 11-4

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 11-4

Wednesday  - 11-4

Thursday - 11-6

Friday - 11-6

Saturday - 11-6

Knitting lessons available

by appointment

6301 Moonseed Street

Prospect, KY 40059


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My Story

Over the Next Row Knits was founded to create a commuknitty here in Louisville. Our Knit+Sip Events teach beginner knitting and offer exclusive access to tutorials on our site. Curated knitting kits are available on our Knit+Sip Kits page, to show you the best of what knitting can be. We are here to connect new and current makers to each other, the incredible art of knitting, resources, trends, and a little bit of KY proud bourbon on the side.

About me. Seven years ago my cousin taught me to knit during a holiday when we were, get this, bored. Clearly this was before children! I never could have imagined the journey knitting would take me on. What started as a fun activity evolved into a productive hobby, then a lifestyle, and now a business as I seek to grow your interest in all things knitting and yarn. Knitting is design. It's slow, and ethical fashion. It is mindfulness, and an incredible stress reliever. When I abruptly left the corporate world to stay at home with my children, knitting gave me something of my own when I could have easily lost myself. When things get to be too much, I can get a few rows in while staying present and playing pretend with them. 

Whatever knitting is, or will become to you, we are here to support your maker journey! 

See you over the next row!


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